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Written 3rd of April 2017
This isn't really a poem, just an opinion/thought I've tried to put into words.
"Everything in life is perspective.
It is the core of everything.
Seeing it in different a light can change your view entirely.
For example imagine a tree,
Sitting in a whole forest across a wide river,
A single tree.
From your side of the river, the idea of losing this tree is nothing.
I mean it won't change the view, it's just one of hundreds.
The tree gets cut down and you don't notice from across the river.
Life goes on as normal.
One day you decide to go across and take a hike through the forest
You walk, admiring the beauty.
And then you get to a gap.
A single, empty gap in the forest.
It ruins the experience for you, and you think about how inconsiderate people must of been to do this.
It is then that you realise that this ugly gap was you.
The tree lost was the tree you took.
From one side of the river, no one noticed, it was so insignificant
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strangers' skeletons
I lost nails scratching at the coffin lid
not trying to get out, trying to get back in
i dug past the clumps of black dirt
clawed at what had been thrown
over that last phantom
(i thought I’d forgotten)
sometimes we are nothing more
than skeletons in strangers' arms,
turning to dust just as they begin
to build us up; sometimes we are
the nightmare in the closets
they visit in their darker hours
this isn't about rebirth,
that's just a myth.
this is life after death
and it's what you're stuck with now.
(you're stuck with me)

it's an afterlife I thought I could live with
(still better than most, after all)
but you caught a glimpse of us in the light,
I saw our illusion reflected in you
I saw you hurl your color at it
as it faded.
we gave up (and kept going on the same),
tossing out old scraps of sanity as they age
I drape the thought of you
over my bones, to keep me warm
in the crisp night mist (where I hid)
where I and our fellow ghosts blend in
but ghosts and shadows hav
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Thiefkings Speech
There, there, Gentlemen! What do I deserve such rude manners for? One could almoust believe that I am the victim and you are the fiends to blame for my crimes. Ha, indeed, I am a criminal, a scavenger, a thief, a murderer. I steal and I kill and I am a disgusting creep.....just as you. But of course, I am not as good as you are. I do beg your pardon, Gentlemen, I am just a human. Neither a born god nor having a nobel, pretty name to hide behind. There are only nobel motives I could tell.....though I know, you give a shit.
No, don't smile at me, Mr King! Don't you dare humiliating me like this with your despicable ignorance. You have no idea, what it means to suffer and to loose. You are just a spoiled child. Been loved and cared for all your damn life until today, don't you, Pharaoh?! Tell me, is it a good thing to have a loving mother and a strong, caring father? Don't mind if I ask, Mr King. It is pure curiousity after I cannot remember anymore. 'Tis all gone.....
What a pity.
:iconvangold:VanGold 8 2
Skeleton Killer Mechanical - monologue
The name is pending (going for some sort of japanese name with this, I mean, type it out in an English to Japanese thing, it looks bad ass), but yeah, a talk with a friend inspired me just a bit. Now I've got an entirely new thing to maybe work on I don't know.....
Setting: A city, shaken to near a near ruinous state, millions of onlookers safely in aerial evacuation vehicles watching, as a giant skeleton-like mech walks around their shattered city. Another mech, little more than half the size of the skeleton mech, is on its back, struggling to regain full power. Several other crashed or partially destroyed mechs litter the city as well, and the skeleton mech talks as it looks around.
(I'm literally contemplating just naming the thing Skeleton. Ambiguous enough, really.)
"You know, I just don't get it. Am I really that much of an eyesore, that you would want to try and dispose of me? When I have done nothing directly against your people? When I haven't ever thrown the first punch, shot
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I write and produce the comic itself but Joseph does all the art.
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I get it. anyways love your work, from both of you ;)
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